Support contract

If interested, a support contract can be agreed on for the running of the customer application, developed by INSIDE M2M. The supportcontract guarantees the troublefree operation, topics include, among others:

  • Monitoring of general availability of platform
  • Identification of provider problems, communication with provider
  • Monitoring of server availibility, reaction in case of technical problems
  • Adaptation of server capacities(Handling)
  • Installation of software updates
  • Reaction in the case of visualisation issues, caused by browser updates
  • Assistence for end customers

Software updates

According to the arrangement of a Support contract this can also include software updates. In this case the following topics are e.g. also covered:

  • The integration of additional hardware into the existing application
  • Adaptation to new firmware versions
  • Accurate visualisation of the webportal with new browser versions
  • Server sided adaptation / integration of new customer software
  • Development of new application features