Application for the control and supervision of Vending machines

The software ‘VendingReader’ is an M2M application for the monitoring and control of Vending machines, which have a DEX/UCS interface and provide Eva’s DTS data. A GPRS terminal on which already the software ‘VendingReader DeviceServer’ is installed, will be connected via serial interface to a Vending machine.

The terminal reads out the data of the Vending machine and transfers them via mobile radio network GSM to the central ‘VendingReader server’ which stores the data in a database.

For the operation of the application the following variations are available to you:

  • Cloud-Variante
  • Operation of your own ‘Vendingreader’server
  • Operation of ‘VendingReader’ server by INSIDE M2M


The VendingReader terminal is connected with the serial interface to the Vending machine and exists of the following components:

  • GPRS-Terminal
  • VendingReader DeviceServer: already on the GPRS terminal installed software
  • Access to the VendingReader Portal (which visualizes the data of the connected vending machine)

With the purchase of a VendingReader Terminal, the customer gets a license which gives him the right to use the software with no restrictions regarding space and time. The software licences are non-transferable single user licenses.

Further details see here.

VendingReader portal

The VendingReader portal, which is accessible from any computer workstation with internet access, visualises the data of the connected Vending machines.

The image aside shows one of the available views which are available to the user.