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The SerialSwitch Network software allows you to replace existing, simple M2M applications which are implemented with an analog, ISDN or GSM modem with a standard product from  INSIDE M2M with the minimum of effort. SerialSwitch is used together with java-based GPRS terminals and implements a TCP/IP connection which leads to the following advantages compared to dial up connections:

  • Reduced communication costs due to the use of GPRS data transmission
  • End points of the data connections can be easily configured with the Configuration Center software.
  • Despite the migration to TCP/IP communication, there is no need to change the existing data protocol of the control application


The Serial Switch Network software and two or more compatible GPRS terminals allow you to set up a serial tunnel through a wireless GPRS data service between user devices in the field and a central application software (customer application). Serial Switch Network consists of the following components:

  • SerialSwitch (GPRS-Terminal with SerialSwitch gateway software)
  • SerialClient (client software, end of the serial data tunnel at user side)
  • SerialTunnel (data connection SerialClient<->SerialSwitch)
  • SerialSwitch Cloud (Cloud service which can be configure through a web portal)
  • SerialSwitchPortal (is used to configure SerialSwitches and SerialClients and set up SerialTunnels)

Depending on how many devices you want to connect you order any number of SerialSwitches. Further details see here: SerialSwitch Network Installation Manual


SerialSwitch Network is normally a Cloud software. No own infrastructure is needed. You can use the cloud server of INSIDE M2M and concentrate on your customer applications.

Would you like to install your own SerialSwitch server, please contact us. Also this alternative can be realised.