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The name LiNDA stands for “Lift Notication and Data Access”. The following picture gives an overview of the monitoring-system. Each single lift installation of an operator is equipped with a LiNDA MonitoringDevice, which is connected via the GSM-network to the central LiNDA Cloud server.

With PC, Tablet or Smartphone and internet connection lift-Data can be viewed via the web-based LiNDA Portal. The system is manufacturer independent and gives the lift-operator a centralized overview about his lift installations at different facilities and the opportunity to  increase their availabilty.


The installation of the LiNDA MonitoringDevice will be undertaken in 4 steps:

  • Attachment of the monitoring device near to the lift controller (the GSM antenna can be  oriented in all directions).
  • By use of the included power cord the monitoring device will be connected to the  24-volt power supply.
  • Connection of the monitoring device by use of the included serial cable with the lift controller
  • Setting of specific parameters at the controller



Attachment of the MonitoringDevice in the cabinet (LUTZ Aufzüge)


The installation is now complete. The LiNDA MonitoringDevice connects with the  LiNDA Server by itself and the lift controller transmits the data to the LiNDA Portal. The system is very user-friendly. Normally the LiNDA MonitoringDevice will be online within a few seconds.


The LiNDA Portal is a web-based portal for the visualisation and configuration of operating and master data of the lift installations (supported browsers are: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Each user only has access to the data of the lifts assigned to him and is able to monitor them remotly.


Visualization of lift data (Partial View)

While recognizing before defined alarm terms the server system dispatches e-mail notifications. This means: to be informed about important states of alert, it is not necessary to be logged in in the LiNDA Portal. People (e-mail addresses), which should be informed by the monitoring operator, can be freely defined.

Smartphone App

LiNDA also offers a mobile app for smartphones which makes the system especially user-friendly. With the LiNDA app, for example, the service engineers are also informed on the way at any time about the status of the lifts assigned to them and have easy access to them.


Lift-Reporting History


You can also set favorites, so one can see especially fast the status of elevators, you are particularly interested in (for example: newly installed lift systems or  systems, a problem has been corrected recently). The service technicians responsible for maintenance will be informed via the mobile app with push messages and can initiate the necessary activities, even when they are not logged in in the LiNDA Portal.