More than 500K devices worldwide connected.

With M2MGate to the internet of things

Our universal and cloud-independent communication platform M2MGate is the core of all solutions realised for our customers. M2MGate is constantly being further developed and is therefore always state of the art. Our customers benefit from secure and reliable data transmission, which has been proven in numerous IoT projects over the past 18 years.

Core Features

  • skalierbarScalable

    Scale from one device to million devices, scale from one backend to multiple backends.

  • flexibelFlexible

    Stay flexible with our decentralized load balancing system for devices and backends.

  • sicherSecure

    TLS ensures encrypted transmission of all data. Devices authorise themselves via certificates. And portal and app access is handled via Keycloak (open source identity and access management).

  • transparentTransparent

    Support and manage your fleet of devices with the userfriendly interface of the M2MGate Portal.

  • unabhängigIndependent

    Stay independent from cloud vendors. Choose and switch from „on-premise“ to „inter-cloud“ platforms.

  • intelligentIntelligent

    Utilize the power of your components. In our Platform your devices are not only „Things“ producing data.


M2NGateV Portal Views
  • Connection state
  • Signal quality
  • Datavolume
  • Reconnects
  • Geo position
  • Firmware Versions
  • IoT Device-Settings
  • Cascades
  • Search / Filter through Logs
  • Restart devices
  • Backup / Restore Data
  • Monitored Metrics over Time
  • Connected Devices
  • Customizable Reports

Connection Types

The M2MGate Protocol is designed with focus on CELLULAR communications. This is why it is so lightweighted, energy efficient and secure. Of course it is also possible to use LAN- or WLAN Connection.

Advantages of mobile connection
  • Independent from local infrastructure
  • Independent from geo position
  • Can be used world wide
  • Plug & Play for your service team
  • Calculable costs
  • Project-specific data rates

The cost of data transfer rates continuously falls – even lower with the option of pooling and with the worldwide network coverage continuously rising. This is why it makes sense in most cases to use a cellular connection for IoT projects. Only if your devices have a fixed position and frequently need to transmit loads of data it is advisable to use a LAN- or WLAN-connection. Of course, you can also still use the advantages of the M2MGate Protocol.

You have many devices at One Location?

One M2M-Gateway of course can handle multiple devices at once.

Device Connection
  • Serial Connection
  • EnOcean
  • Bluetooth LE
  • ZigBee
  • Z Wave
IoT Connection
  • GSM / 3G / LTE / 5G
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • Narrowband (Sigfox, LoRa, ...)