Internet of Things
How to digitalize successfully and create real added value

IoT-Whitepaper: Wie Sie erfolgreich digitalisieren und echte Mehrwerte schaffen

IoT Whitepaper

  • We answer the most important questions that decision-makers should ask themselves before introducing IoT and M2M technology
  • We share our best practices from 20 years
  • We present our solution for the development of future-proof IoT systems: M2MGate V

What you can expect in our whitepaper

Our comprehensive whitepaper "Internet of Things: How to successfully digitize and create real added value" is now available for download (currently only in german) and offers you a deep insight into the world of IoT.

Discover the five key benefits of IoT, learn how companies are already achieving impressive results with IoT deployments and understand the key components such as edge devices in the context of IoT.

We will give you tips on finding the right IoT platform and explain the connection of edge devices to the IoT cloud as well as the short-range radio connection between end devices. In addition, we offer you real-life application scenarios and successful case studies that show how IoT is used in various industries.

Download our whitepaper now and take the first step towards a smarter and connected world.


  • The 5 most important IoT benefits
  • IoT deployment in figures
  • What are edge devices in the IoT context?
  • How to find the right IoT platform
  • Connecting edge devices to the IoT cloud
  • Local wireless connection between end devices and edge devices
  • Application scenarios from practice
  • Yunex Traffic makes traffic control even smarter
  • Liebherr equips cranes with analytics & remote diagnostics applications
  • WMF turns fully automatic coffee machines into market researchers
  • M2MGate V
  • Five steps for the successful introduction of IoT

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