Service and maintenance of Multifunctional Products (MFP)

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

The term multifunctional products (MFP) refers to office equipment which combine several different functions: printing copying, scanning and faxing. Konica Minolta manufactures a wide range of such devices under the product name bizhub. For service and maintenance purposes, these devices are fitted with the remote diagnostic system CS Remote Care (CSRC). CSRC handles all of the status and fault messages from the bizhub devices being used by the customer and allows e.g.:

  • Remote reading of the current page count: Page counts can be interrogated automatically at the correct time point without manual intervention.
  • Automatic reporting of device faults: Service technicians can be supplied with the correct fault message and device history.
  • Automatic message if more consumables are needed (e.g. toner) or renewable parts must be exchanged.
Konica Minolta Large Bizhub Press

GPRS communication with M2MGate Network

In the past, data communication between the MFPs at the customers’ sites and Konica Minolta Service usually took place through CSD calls, E-Mail and Fax. The framework for data communication with the devices through GPRS was specially developed by INSIDE M2M for Konica Minolta and the new system went into service in March 2007. This new technology, which is now fitted to the majority of the MFPs, has a number of significant advantages, e.g.:

  • Data transmission from the MFPs is independent of the customer’s LAN network and firewalls
  • Plug & Play: After connecting up the GPRS terminal to the serial interface of the MFP, it is immediately accessible through CS Remote Care
  • Independent of the mobile data carrier: Any number of telecoms providers can be used in parallel within the same system
  • Simple administration through a web portal (M2MGate Portal) from any workplace with an Internet connection
  • Bi-directional communications round the clock: A fault on the MFP is reported to the Service Center without delay.
  • Low infrastructure costs: up to 75,000 MFPs can the interfaced to each M2MGate server
Konica Minolta Remote Workflow