Networked rodent traps

Futura is a family business with deep roots in pest control. Today, Futura delivers its innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to leading international distributors and service providers in over 30 countries. Futura is best known for eMitter, the world's first and probably most widely used digital monitoring system for rodent traps.

The Challenge

The german Animal Welfare Law requires a regular control of rodent traps. Dead traps must be checked once a day and live traps twice a day. Even if only one of a hundred traps has been triggered, all traps must be checked by the pest controller at the specified interval.

The Solution

Based on M2MGate, state changes of the Futura eMitter traps are transmitted via modern radio technologies (GSM, EnOcean, NB-IoT, sigfox, bluetooth) to a central server. These data are clearly displayed in a web portal and an app. If a networked trap is triggered, the responsible pest controller is informed by e-mail or push notification and triggered traps can be targeted.

Futura Trap

An environmentally friendly solution with 24/7 monitoring

The absence of toxic substances, the batteryless EnOcean traps and 24/7 monitoring make the eMitter system an environment-friendly solution for convenient and safe pest control.

The eMitter portal and the eMitter app implemented by INSIDE M2M are characterized by their easy handling. The multi-client-capable system offers extensive administration possibilities. Floor plans can be uploaded for the exact location of the individual devices. Current infestation messages can be retrieved and acknowledged. Historical messages are additionally displayed in statistics.

Futura eMitter Pro App

Features of the APP:

  • Easy setup of new traps via QR codes
  • Immediate notification via push notification as needed
  • Capture of catches, empty catches, motion signals and PestCam recordings
  • Continuous monitoring of the trap status (battery, signal, connection)
  • Simple acknowledgement of alarms
  • Customer and device management
Futura eMitter Pro App

Features of the eMitter Pro Portal:

  • Immediate push notification from the app
  • Simple acknowledgement of infestation messages
  • Recall of historical infestation messages (catches, empty catches, motion signals and PestCam recordings)
  • Remaining battery voltage
  • Extensive statistics

Daniel Schröer (General Manager Futura) explains the eMitter Trap Outdoor Direct