BURG F.W.Lüling KG

Founded in 1890, the traditional company Burg Lüling stands for modern lock systems of the highest quality - Made in Germany - with a high degree of security and flexibility. With the 'e.options' brand founded in 2014, Burg further expanded its product range for electronic lock systems. A particular added value for Burg's customers is that the locks do not require any complex wiring, which makes both initial setup and conversion significantly less complicated and less expensive.

The Challenge

Burg recognized very early on how important it is in today's world to be able to respond quickly and directly to changing market requirements as an innovative and modern supplier of lock systems. For example, the lock systems in the 'e.options' line do not require any complex wiring during installation. However, this meant that extensions to the range of functions could initially only be carried out at corresponding expense with hardware to be connected to the lock.

The Solution

In order to be able to configure the locks wirelessly, they were equipped with the battery-free short-range radio technology EnOcean, and INSIDE M2M developed a IoT-solution for convenient, location-independent, area-wide configuration. Since then, we have been advising Burg and working together on new concepts and their realization.

Burg Cloud System Draft

Burg Cloud Architecture

The locks communicate via energy-saving EnOcean wireless technology with a gateway that takes over communication with the Burg Cloud from the Burg customer's local network.

The locks can be centrally controlled and configured via a convenient web portal. The current status of the individual locks, as well as the current utilization of the rooms and higher-level organizational units are presented clearly and conveniently. Statistically cumulated measured values are also recorded and displayed.

Burg Cloud Portal

Top Features:

  • Quick and easy installation on site
  • Central configuration and control of locks
  • Flexible multi-client capable web portal
  • Fine-grained role and rights system
  • Quality assurance through predictive maintenance
  • Uncomplicated expansion of the range of functions
  • API connection for third-party systems
  • Recognition of trends through statistical evaluations

Further advantages for the Smartlocks customer:

  • Flexible device management through individually mappable organizational structures
  • Utilization displays for each organizational unit down to the locker level
  • Interactive room display
  • Real-time events: from simple locking to attempted break-ins
  • Real-time messages and daily reports via e-mail
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Individual and mass configurations

Presentation of the BURG Cloud at FIBO 2018