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Service for commercial coffee machines

WMF AG, with its head office in Geislingen/Steige, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial coffee machines. In addition, with more than 270 service technicians, WMF has the largest in-house service operation for commercial coffee machines in Europe.

The service technicians carry out regular maintenance of the machines and support the machine operators in many ways: configuration of the coffee products, training for the operating personnel, tips on coffee quality, advice on cleaning agents, maintenance contracts, water filters, add-on modules and many more things. The service technicians are on call in each of the 15 service regions in Germany at the weekends and on public holidays as well. In many cases, they can help the operators over the phone. If this is not possible, the problem is then solved by an on-site visit.

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Remote support for the customers

INSIDE M2M was commissioned to develop a system for remote monitoring of WMF coffee machines to give the service technicians a decisive new tool for rapid error analysis and remedy which should allow them to increase the efficiency of the service operation.

The technical solution is based on the proven framework M2MGate Network. To relay the status information, the coffee machines are fitted with a GPRS terminal from MC Technologies. Data from the coffee machines is transferred to a communication server using GPRS and can be accessed by WMF service technicians from any location worlwide through a password-protected web portal (M2MGate Portal).

Increased efficiency through remote monitoring

With the newly developed remote monitoring solution from INSIDE M2M, the service technicians can now get detailed status information on the coffee vending machines at all times. This allows them to prepare in advance before making an on-site visit. As the local contact person, the service technicians can make immediate decisions and time-consuming consultation with the regional offices is rarely necessary.

In addition, the coffee machines transmit error conditions automatically and proactively to the service technicians. This ensures that problems are noticed by the service department at a very early stage and makes the service visits faster and more efficient. It is also possible to get up-to-date meter readings from the coffee machines. This simplifies the invoicing process.

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