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Power supplies for applications remote from the electrical grid

A wide range of applications remote from the electrical grid need an efficient off-grid energy source. Typical applications are often important alarm systems (e.g. black ice warning equipment on highways, water level sensors for rivers, mobile traffic warning panels and monitoring cameras).

The Udomi company has developed a hybrid solution for supplying power to such equipment: the EFOYOutdoor-Box. It uses a fuel cell coupled to a solar cell system. The fuel cell guarantees the electrical power even when the solar panel does not supply enough power for correct operation of the equipment due to poor weather conditions.

Monitoring und Steuerung: Zugriff von jedem Ort aus mit M2MGate Portal

Monitoring and control: from everywhere around the world with M2MGate Portal

Online monitoring and control of the fuel cell

Due to the above typical application scenarios for the EFOYOutdoor-Box, it is highly advantageous to be able to access the system parameters remotely. If for example a fuel cell is used to power a power black ice warning device, the responsible Highway Patrol Department, needs to know as soon as possible if the fuel quantity in the fuel cartridge of the fuel cell has dropped to a critical level and correct operation of the warning device can no longer be guaranteed.

In 2007, INSIDE M2M developed a communication platform for this application based on M2MGate Network. It allows the fuel cell to be remotely controlled and monitored using a computer, tablet or smart phone. A GPRS terminal, which is connected via a serial interface to the controller of the fuel cell, reads out the data and sends it via the Internet to a central server, which stores all of the data in a database.

Access to the data from any location

The fuel cell can be monitored and controlled through a web portal from any computer with an Internet connection. For example, you can configure which minimum fuel level in the fuel cartridge is considered to be critical or specify a particular voltage level which should lead to an alarm. If a critical level of the fuel cartridge or another device error is detected, the server automatically sends an SMS text message and/or an e-mail to the responsible person. This allows the Highway Patrol department to exchange the fuel cartridge as soon as it becomes empty. Unnecessary inspection journeys and exchanging the fuel cartridge too soon can be avoided.

System description: article in “produce”-magazine, edition 5, 2008