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Monitoring of high-voltage landlines via GPRS

High-voltage overhead power lines are used for the transport and distribution of the electrical energy produced in the power stations to the consumers. There are legal requirements concerning the height of the power lines above the ground and the ground clearance must not drop below the specified limits under any circumstances. However, sagging of the power lines is influenced by the daily fluctuations in the electrical and mechanical load on the cables and thus the ground clearance can change significantly, too.

Special overhead power line monitoring systems have been developed which allow the network operators to interrogate the actual ground clearance at any time. The CAT-1 monitoring system from Nexans is the most popular system. Since its development more than 20 years ago, more than 350 systems worldwide have been installed by more than 100 network operators. In the past, the measured data was transmitted from the power lines to the control centre of the network operator using a microwave radio link. However, for areas where reliable mobile communications are available, GPRS is proving to be more flexible and easy-to-use than a microwave link with its limited range. Accordingly, INSIDE M2M GmbH was contracted by Nexans to develop a GPRS-based data transmission system for the Nexans Cat-1 Monitoring System.

Customers opinion

“The GPRS-based communications software from INSIDE M2M is easy-to-use, flexible and robust. Reliability is decisive for operators of high-voltage overhead power lines and the new software has proved to be ideal for this application.”

Gerhard Biedenbach, Technical Sales Manager Europe, Nexans Deutschland GmbH

System description: Article in “produce”-magazine, edition 7, 2009

Link: NEXANS Cat-1 monitoring system