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Automation and flexibility thanks to intelligent building automation

In modern buildings, there is a clear trend to automate functional processes and operating functions such as lighting and ventilation control or locking the automatic doors.
Increasingly, these systems are being interfaced to the central building automation system since they are very important for the safety and monitoring of the whole building. The range and complexity of the elements and associated functions which are connected to the building automation system is particularly high in modern buildings. Efficient building management can hardly be provided any more these days without a central control and monitoring system.

GEZE SecuLogic building system VAT 320

The SecuLogic Building System VAT 320 from DC GEZE is a building management system which satisfies increasing demands from planners, building operators and installation companies. It encompasses numerous control, monitoring and configuration tools with additional features for analysis, visualisation and data transfer. It doesn’t only support building automation components from GEZE, products from other suppliers such as lighting and shading systems can also be interfaced to the GEZE software.

GEZE WebCare 320: Remote maintenance and control

In order to make the functions of the Building System VAT 320 more flexible, it was extended with the remote control and remote maintenance tool GEZE WebCare 320. INSIDE M2M was awarded a contract for the implementation. A very innovative feature was the possibility of commissioning and configuring the connected elements from any networked location throughout the world. For example, configuration of a wide range of escape route systems (e.g. central door control unit, automatic door drive systems, SHEV control panels) which are interconnected through the GEZE-BUS can easily be done remotely from a PC. Time-consuming on-site commissioning of each of the doors or windows using an adjustment device is no longer necessary. Visualisation on the PC with an overview of the configuration of all connected systems makes it much easier to change individual settings.

Link: GEZE WebCare 320

GEZE Webcare 320: Portal-Ansicht
The remote control and remote maintenance tool GEZE WebCare 320 allows all elements connected to the VAT 320 to be configured, controlled and visualised. The analysis function ensures that error messages are automatically sent to the bulding operator, the facility manager or the person responsible for safety, making it possible to respond to faults or problems as quickly as possible. Logging of events simplifies error analysis. For example, it is easy to recognise at an early stage if the performance of a control motor is dropping. The analysis data is transferred to the service company by e-mail or mobile data exchange, which allows service technicians to react before a hard fault has occurred.
The benefits of GEZE WebCare 320 at a glance

  • Intuitive to use – clear symbols for effective control
  • Simple and clearly structured – all main components of the system at a glance
  • Individually programmed and secure – custom web site with customer login
  • Can be accessed throughout Germany and even worldwide – simplifies central control
  • Short reaction times
  • Central control of the whole building
  • Faults and alarms can be directly transmitted to GEZE Service.