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Intelligent waste management with eGate waste locks

„Pay as you throw“, the fair principle of garbage fees depending on quantity, is usually not feasable in larger residences and in commercial propoerties used by several tenants, because large waste contsainers are used. Billing is based on size of the flat or number of people, not in accordance with the polluter pays principle.

Here the application of garbage lock systems, which are capable to measure the waste volume dependent on cause, takes remedial action. The tenants have so also the possibility, beside the basic charge, to influence the height of their garbage fees.

eGate system: Reducing costs – saving environmental resources

With the eGate System emz Hanauer is marketleader within in the field of intelligent waste lock systems. Our eGate locks adjust independent of the place of installation, flexible to existing waste management solutions. They capture the exact volume of disposed amount of waste, with waste flaps the access to the waste containers can be controlled.

The eGate-System replaces the flat-rate billing with the fair principle of quantity based garbage fees: with an individual access key the tenants only pay, when they use the waste container and not when they are on holiday or do not produce waste.

Everybody only pays for the waste that is not separated and thus doesn´t enter the recycling cycle. By separating better every eGate-user can define his own bill for waste-services.

eGate Waste lock connection via the internet

INSIDE M2M realised by using the framework M2MGate Network, for the eGate-System the software application for the data transfer and data visualisation.

The eGate locks, which are fitted with a GSM-module, transfer all utilization data via mobile radio and internet to the central eGate-Server.

The eGate System delivers exact data:
– about the user dependent waste volume for the billing
– about the tons level for planning the point of emptying
– for the disposer to plan optimal routes of disposal

The product is completed by the eGate Internetportal, which shows all information clearly and offers aids for process optimization.

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