NewsAllgemein‘Our strength will be electricity’ – the ‘Showroom of Electromobility’ in Lower Saxony, Germany

The „Showroom of Electromobility“ project (Schaufenster Elektromobilität) is one of the measures described in the government program „Electromobility“ of May 2011. It is the government’s response to a recommendation from the second report of the National Platform on Electromobility. The German Federal Government will provide funds of up to 180 Mio. Euro for the three-year programme. Further more, it was decided on 3. April 2012 that the state of Lower Saxony will also receive funding alongside Baden-Württemberg, Berlin/Brandenburg and Bavaria/Saxony.


INSIDE M2M is a partner in project 4.5:
‘eBikes in Recreation and Tourism’
(eRad in Freizeit und Tourismus)

Together with the State Capital of Hannover and the other partners in the project consortium, a pedelec rental network will be set up within the project “eBikes in Recreation and Tourism”. It is planned to investigate technical aspects in addition to success factors for cost-effective operation in the fields of tourism and recreation. The aim of the project is to set up, test, demonstrate, operate and evaluate a new type of rental system for pedelecs and electro-motorcycles. The rental system will be implemented in the Hannover or Greater Hannover and in the Harz tourist region. The implementation will be accompanied by the development of new business models and social science acceptance research for this type of electromobility. Under the leadership of Dr. Fred Könemann, INSIDE M2M will be responsible for the development of the software to acquire and preprocess the (vehicle-related and driver-related) data which is received by wireless from the pedelecs. INSIDE M2M is also responsible for systems which transmit the data to a central communication server and for developing the software interfaces to the other subsystems such as the rental system and Hannover Medical School.

Project consortium “eBikes in Recreation and Tourism”

  • State Capital of Hannover Hannover
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • VCD Verkehrsclub Deutschland Landesverband Niedersachsen e.V.
  • Naturschutzverband Niedersachsen e.V.
  • Hannover Medical School
  • Local government of Goslar

‘Showrooms of electromobility’

The Metropolitan Region of Hannover, Brunswick, Göttingen and Wolfsburg is hosting one of the four showrooms of electromobility in Germany. The activities are being promoted by four federal German ministries and by the State of Lower Saxony. More than 200 partners from the commercial and scientific sectors, state government and local authorities are engaged in around 30 projects. In various constellations, the partners are working on an ambitious programme to test the suitability of a wide range of solutions throughout the entire spectrum of electromobility. We want to develop an awareness in the population for the possibilities provided by electromobility and to focus on the innovative elements of electromobility with a view to implementation in an entire metropolitan region. We expect that around 120 million Euros will be invested in our electromobility projects between 2012 and 2016. We consider electromobility to be a lot more than just exchanging a combustion engine in a road vehicle by an electric motor. We want to promote intermodal traffic concepts and investigate new rental systems and thus make an important contribution to developing a sustainable transport policy. Provided that the traction current comes from a renewable energy source, electrical vehicles have practically no emission of materials which may damage the climate. Electrical vehicles, regardless of how many wheels they have (or on rails) reduce dependency on fossil energy sources and reduce noise pollution.