NewsAllgemeinMachine-2-Machine und SAP: Cooperation between INSIDE M2M and NEO Business Partners

Machine-2-Machine integration in SAP applications is becoming increasingly important for the end-to-end optimization of business processes. The cooperation of INSIDE M2M and NEO Business Partners pools the resources of two companies with renowned expertise in their respective fields to achieve the best possible solutions for their customers.


NEO Business Partners has successfully specialised in the topics of SAP Mobility and SAP CRM and helps companies using SAP to benefit from the potential of these solutions. The objective is to improve the added value and the competitiveness through customer-friendly and efficient business processes.

The main focus is the process sectors of customer service (CS, CRM), maintenance (PM) and distribution (SD, CRM). In addition to the NEO Mobile Suite product family, which is based on SAP/Sybase technology, the NEO product portfolio includes a wide range of other SAP solutions such as SAP CRM and SAP MRS. As a pioneer of the “SAP Mobile Business” market in German speaking countries, NEO already gained initial project experience with the relevant SAP tools and solutions in 2001 and is one of the market leaders in this segment.

INSIDE M2M is one of the leading suppliers of business solutions for mobile data communications in the Machine-2-Machine sector. Applications developed by INSIDE M2M are currently being used worldwide in more than 60 countries in conjunction with a wide range of different mobile data providers. There are currently more than 160,000 machines and plant worldwide fitted with software from INSIDE M2M. The customers include for example Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), GEZE, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (emergency accident services), Konica Minolta, WMF and SIEMENS.

Project business is a key focus of INSIDE M2M. This means the detailed end to end implementation of specific customer requirements within the framework of complex M2M applications. The objective is the best possible optimisation of the existing processes. This experience has shown that the implementation of an SAP interface is becoming increasingly important.

With the new cooperation, NEO Business Partners and INSIDE M2M are now able to provide a complete and seamless integration of M2M applications in existing or newly developed SAP architectures. This leads to a number of benefits for the customers, e.g.:

  • Simplified development and implementation of the overall system
  • Integrated architecture for Machine-2-Machine and Mobile SAP clients
  • Joint utilisation of data models, logic and SAP interfaces
  • Optimisation of communication costs

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