NewsAllgemeinINSIDE M2M supports the “Garbsen-Mitte” primary school

The pilot project Techni-Land has being running at the Garbsen-Mitte primary school since the beginning of the school year in conjunction with the Leibniz University of Hannover. INSIDE M2M is a supporter of this project and has donated technology kits from Fischer-Technik.


The aim of the project is to encourage a greater interest in technology among third-grade pupils in the basic science classes. The project will use technology kits from Fischer-Technik in the lessons.

Eight Fischer extension kits were presented to third grade pupils of the primary school on 25.04 by Uta Kuchenbuch, assistant to the management of INSIDE M2M. According Christine Pontow-Schulz, teacher at the school, „the children will be able to build model drives and understand for example how most of the kitchen appliances work“.

Four more technology kits were donated by two teachers and a physiotherapy practice in Havelse – a nice example of sponsoring from within the region.