About us

Machine to Machine via GPRS – Worldwide

Founded in February 2004, we are active in the field of M2M for more than 11 years. We deliver complete solutions in the area of Machine-to-Machine-communikation, with a focus on GSM-net based solutions.

Our applications are used worldwide in more than 60 countries, with a variety of different telecom providers. More than 250.000 devices and machines are currently fitted with our M2M solutions worldwide.

Our Applications feature

  • Data transfer by GPRS
  • very stable performance
  • Independent of mobile network providers
  • Plug & Play-solution on the side of the devices to be installed
  • Software-independent access to the systems via Internet/Intranet
  • constant accessibility of the connected devices (always online)
  • customised adaptation

Products for M2M-Communication

We deliver complete products for your demands including the required hardware components.

  • M2MGate Network
  • SeriaSwitch Network
  • VPNGate
  • Track & Find
  • VendingReader

Services in the area of M2M communication

  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Hosting