Welcome to INSIDE M2M

INSIDE M2M GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of business solutions for mobile data communication and machine-to-machine communications. From facility management and remote monitoring through metering and track & trace to the vending segment – INSIDE M2M connects together devices and machines nearly in all business sectors! More than 300.000 devices and machines are currently fitted with our M2M solutions worldwide.

M2MGate Network

is the universal communication framework for the use in the field of Machine-to-Machine-Communication. M2MGate Network allows monitoring and controlling of devices, machines and industry-plants from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. The use of GPRS means that this is possible worldwide, independently of a fixed telephone connection or Wi-Fi network.

M2M Project Business

The focus of INSIDE M2M lies in the field of project business. It is about the detailed and comprehensive realisation of specific customer requests in the context of complicated M2M uses. Our goal is always the greatest possible optimization of existing processes. Of course we accompany our customers with support and updates also after occurred implementing.

SerialSwitch Network

allows you to replace existing, simple M2M applications which are implemented with an analog, ISDN or GSM modem with a standard product from INSIDE M2M. The SerialSwitch Network software and two or more compatible GPRS terminals allow you to set up a serial tunnel through a wireless GPRS data service between user devices in the field and a central application software.


Since 2004 we realize applications in the field of remote controlling and monitoring for our customers. These solutions cover a wide range in the most different branches. To give you a small insight into the chances and possibilities of the intelligent Machine-to-Machine communication, we introduce to you here with pleasure some reference-projects.