Field of Application

The INSIDE M2M VPNGate is a Managed OpenVPN Cloud solution for site to site VPNs. In just a few steps you can connect Industrie-Router or PCs with your VPN. Then all connected network participants (SPS, Sensors, IP-cameras, IP-displays, …) are directly accessible over all nets. The VPNGate Cloud server VPNGate takes over the creation of the certificates for Router and clients (e.g.: Windows PC), administers the access rights of users and configures dynamically the connections between clients and Routern.

Sure and easy operation

The configuration of your devices takes place through a web portal intuitively to be served. Via a secured access you put on groups and users and assign afterwards to these the desired rights and devices. In this manner you can quite simply illustrate – by drag and drop – the organisation of her enterprise. And if you use Router of MC Technologies, these are configured even absolutely automatically!


  • Redundancy by several servers in the Cloud
  • Secured webportal access via HTTPS
  • Simple administration via multitenant webportal
  • Easy creation and update of certificates
  • Extensive Logging
  • Dynamic administration of access rights between clients and routers
  • Plug & Play on the side of the devices to be connected
  • New services can be inserted during the runtime into a system.

Independence of mobile network providers

  • No expensive APNs
  • No public IP addresses are required
  • No roaming fees
  • Not tied to a mobile network provider